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14 March 2018
Paris, France
Meet the connected health R&D ecosystem in Paris Region

Pre-arranged Face2Face Meetings will be a feature of this event on connected health.

This session offers a unique networking opportunity between Paris Region's R&D ecosystem on connected health and international players, providing a quick and easy way to meet potential partners.  Participants will meet and greet at speed, with 20 minutes to build connections before the bell rings and the next 20 minute interval starts.

 Why participate:

·       Find new partners for research projects

·       Meet innovative technology providers

·       Get connected with potential partners for future co-operation

·       Establish cross-border contacts for long-term business relationships

Target audience:

·       Large companies

·       Start-ups & SMEs

·       Clinical organisations

·       Universities

·       Research centers

·       Institutions

·       Investors from the health sector looking for commercial, technological or research partners from Europe and around the world. 


How to get involved:

Register and provide a profile describing either an offer or a request. All the participants’ profiles will be published on the Event platform. Browse the profiles online and book meetings with organisations you are interested in.

Prior to the event, each participant will receive an individual meeting schedule.


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Paris, France

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